For many businesses, it can be difficult to find innovative ways to connect with your clients. How can you freshen up how your clients and prospects experience your online brand without overhauling it entirely? When I have clients come to me with this dilemma, I often suggest building a microsite.

A microsite is a website that is separate from your brand’s main website for the purpose of highlighting a specific topic or targeting a specific audience. Microsites can vary in size, typically ranging from a single landing page to a handful of pages. Your microsite can either be a subdomain of your primary website, such as, or have its own unique domain name, such as I recommend that your microsite differ in design, navigation, and content from your primary website so that the two aren’t confused.

I’ve had many clients wonder why they should consider having a microsite rather than simply adding yet another page to their already robust website. Here are just a few reasons I typically give:

Focus on What Matters

Do you offer a product or service that might appeal to two very different demographics? You may have designed your website in the hopes of appealing to everyone; however, market research shows us that every demographic has its preferences. With microsites, you can tailor user experiences according to target markets. If you were to add a page to your existing website with content or a design that drastically differs from the rest, it may disrupt your website’s natural flow.

Experiment a New Marketing Strategy

I have found that microsites are incredibly useful for A/B testing new marketing strategies. Are you unsure which messaging best resonates with your audience? Hire a marketing agency to whip up a microsite at a fraction of the cost it would take to develop a fully-loaded website. Reach out to half of your client list with a link to one microsite and half with a link to the other. Whichever microsite produces the most desired results, such as signing up for your newsletter, is the one you may want to consider pursuing.

Increase Your SEO

Why only have one website for your clients to find you when you can have multiple? I’m not suggesting that you create 20 microsites and confuse your clients with a different domain every week, but a couple of relevant microsites that complement your brand can be an effective way of increasing your SEO. The reason for this is that links to your microsites from your primary website and vice versa can increase the number of page visits to everything.

If you’re curious to know which aspect of your brand might qualify as worthy of its own microsite, a good place to start might be one of your ongoing campaigns. Take, for example, the SickKids Lottery; it is so popular and recognizable that it is often searched for separately from the SickKids Hospital, although each website supports the other.

To determine where microsites might fit into your brand, contact CreativeWorks Marketing today!