Is your website is up to par? Is it attracting the kind of prospects you want and successfully engaging your existing clients? To take your customer experience to a new level, it is crucial that you can affirmatively—and confidently—answer these questions. 

A website audit is a fantastic way to examine your online content and ensure that it will captivate your target audience from the moment they type in your URL. Here’s what you can expect from this important process, as well as the many benefits it can have for your business.

Reviewing your website

Before implementing any changes to your website, a third party should perform an in-depth review to determine if it accurately aligns with your brand.

This includes reviewing your homepage, ensuring that the content has a consistent tone and fits your message, removing or correcting any broken links, designing each page the same way, and so forth. Remember to make it clear to your target audience that you are the expert!

By conveying your unique expertise with engaging content that properly reflects your brand message, you will be better equipped to elevate your business a step above your competition. Let your audience know exactly why they should choose you for your products or services.

Tracking and reviewing website analytics

Once your website is reviewed, your website auditor should track the level of engagement you are garnering with your current site, and assess how you can improve your brand representation.

Knowing how many people are currently visiting your website, the pages they visit, their behaviour, etc. will help you get a better idea of what users are looking for. Then, you can analyze the value of what you are currently offering and how to increase those offerings to potential and existing clients. By ensuring brand consistency on your website, you can enforce the best possible measure to improve the user experience and gain more interest.

Reviewing your analytics is one of the final steps in the website audit process. By measuring all aspects of your website’s performance—including channels, bounce rates, and mobile engagement—a third-party auditor can determine what the critical gaps are in your website performance and find the best possible solutions to boost overall engagement. 

Hiring a marketing agency

Using an expert marketing agency to conduct your website audit will help you create an exceptional site that has the content, user-friendly experience, and service requirements to make your business stand out from your competitors. At CreativeWorks Marketing, we offer useful marketing packages that ensure peak website performance—from content and design to measuring your success and assessing your future needs.

If you are looking for a marketing agency to perform an effective a website audit that will help you drive more web traffic to your site, contact us today.