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CreativeWorks Marketing offers social media management, content, design options, and much more. Browse our comprehensive list of services to see what is right for your business.


Content is king! We custom write blogs, e-blasts, case studies, and white papers to accurately illustrate your business’ expertise. Display your unique value proposition, send important communications to your customer base, and attract potential customers with informative and engaging content.


Google Adwords

We create on-going pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns to help your customers find you. 

The process includes an initial consultation with CreativeWorks Marketing, set-up, keyword research and selection, coordination of approvals, copywriting, bid management, and ad scheduling. 

Customer Research

Do you know why your customers choose you? We conduct customer research from a third person perspective, engaging clients in discussions and finding out what they value most in your services.

We then analyze the data to find out your company’s strengths and weaknesses, allowing us to provide you with recommendations for future direction.


Design & Layout

We help you to create a consistent visual representation of your unique brand across all platforms. This component is catered towards your specific marketing needs and goals, enhancing your brand with a distinct visual style that will resonate with your targeted audience.

Our design process may include website banner, pull-up banners, web design, logo design, and much more!

Advanced SEO

We help create word by word optimization of your website text in order to boost your online visibility.

SEO helps you achieve a higher ranking on Google searches by identifying keywords that bring more organic traffic to your website. We analyze your current web text, insert keywords, write new text, and offer suggestions as to how you can create content that will achieve higher visibility and site traffic.


Competitor Research

We strive to find out what your competitors do differently in order to better promote your unique value. 

By “mystery shopping” with your competitors, we take the time to evaluate their business, including their digital platforms, and deliver recommendations to better establish you as an industry expert, above the competition.

Social Media

We help you join the conversation by cementing your brand presence. Using our expertise in social media management, we write and post for all social channels, promoting your unique service and setting you up as an industry leader.


We monitor your analytics in order to show the success of your digital marketing, pulling data and evaluating what works on your website or social campaigns. We also create a summary of our findings and present it in a report, meeting with you in-person to provide recommendations for your future campaigns.


Marketing Audits

Audits offer a complete evaluation and review of all strategies, plans, and objectives regarding the marketing of your business. At CreativeWorks Marketing, we pay strict attention to every detail, ensuring that you are getting the best out of your business’ marketing potential.

Branding Audit

Your brand needs to have a valuable and distinct voice in order to connect with your audience. We review all print and digital collateral relating to your brand, determining whether or not it offers consistent messaging and value to your clients.

We compile a summary of our findings and present recommendations to get your brand back on track.

Website Audit

We evaluate your website for the purpose of creating a more comprehensive, eye-catching website that will display the unique value of your services. 

This includes making sure that your website pushes your unique value proposition and targets the right audience for your industry. We also provide recommendations for your site based on thorough analysis of your metrics, visual style, and user convenience.

Social Media Audit

Our social media audit helps us determine how we can help you take your social platforms to the next level.

We review your social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, to track the frequency of your engagements, and determine how to create a more consistent representation of your unique brand. This includes reviewing analytics and understanding critical gaps in your social strategy.


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