Your business, like most, is striving to build a stellar reputation in your industry. The majority of the time, this will come from the brand you create as people begin to associate your company with specific products or services, colours, messaging, logos, etc. That is why creating a deliberate, thoughtful brand strategy is so important in the current marketing climate.

But what happens if your brand strategy is inconsistent, causing your brand to be misaligned with your values? You will either confuse your existing and potential clients—or turn them off altogether. So how can you create, or recreate, a brand strategy that delivers the feelings you want to convey, as well as the positive associations you hope people will make with your company? 

At CreativeWorks Marketing, we have a trusted process that can help you create a consistent brand strategy. Here are three methods our team of experts utilize.

  1. Define your business values and objectives

How do you want your brand to make people feel? To outsell your competition, you need to present yourself as the better (more fun, more useful, more desirable) option. What will attract prospects and customers to buy from you over others? Whatever you claim through your branding, your company must be able to support the claim in order to be successful. 

  1. Create a long-term vision of your brand 

     The most effective marketing involves planning for the future, which starts with establishing a long-term vision. What do you—and your staff—expect from the company? How do you see your brand now and how do you envision it growing over time? Take all feedback into account to find a common theme you can use to establish a relatable brand that everyone will proudly represent. By enlisting your employees, you can help ensure they are on the same page and will proudly represent your company. 

  1. Plan for possible changes and reactions

If anything is consistent in the world of marketing and branding, it’s that trends are always changing. Customers have now come to enjoy, expect, and take advantage of easy access to companies through their social media and websites. Who knows what’s next? With that being said, to ensure the success of your company, you must adapt with the times to consistently appeal to prospects and customers. It is important to implement a plan of action to deal with potentially unexpected situations—such as hosting a brainstorming session to discuss drops in sales.     

Misaligning your brand can do more damage than you may think. In the past, “animal friendly” SeaWorld and “mental health ambassador” Bell received major backlash when they were exposed as causing harm to animals and their employees respectively. Most people do their research before buying. Building a brand that aligns with your company—one that delivers quality products or services—and makes customers and prospects feel good is much more likely to succeed.

If you find business is sliding and your marketing has become ineffective, you probably need a brand resurgence. CreativeWorks Marketing works with a wide range of organizations on their brand strategy, creation, and delivery to help attract and engage more customers. Contact us today to learn more!