Website Development

With over 88% of consumers revealing that they browse online before buying in store, your website and online presence has never been more important. A site is more than just design; it is your key marketing tool. As such, it needs to clearly define who you are, detail how your services or products benefit the client, and demonstrate what makes you unique. From marketing strategists and designers to copywriters and programmers, we have the right team and rely on our 5-Step Marketing Process to make your brand and your website stand out.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

When you spend a great deal of time creating and perfecting your website, you want to make sure it can be found in a search engine. CreativeWorks Marketing understands the importance of creating content that properly identifies your website and contains keywords that your clients will use to find you. We ensure that your site is compliant with search engine guidelines and correct discrepancies so that your site is indexed and easily accessed by online browsers. Want to learn more about what we can offer you? Call us for more details.

Website Brand Assessment and Recommendations

Not sure if you need a new site, a site refresh or just some simple tweaks?
CreativeWorks will analyze the user functionality of your site to determine its strengths and weaknesses. We’ll look at the messaging, the visuals, the social media links, the content, and your competition to give you our expert assessment of your site, including navigational layout critique and a user experience rating from your audience’s perspective. We will review and make recommendations to align the website with the brand and ensure the site navigation reflects industry best practices and site analytics. Interested in a review of your website? Call us for more details.


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