The digital marketing landscape is constantly evolving. Now more than ever, it’s crucial to stay on top of the trends that not only keep your business current, but engage with a wider audience. The magic of marketing today is that the power is in your hands – literally!

If you’re looking for bigger and better ways to get your brand message out there, there are many methods to generate a higher volume of cultivated leads. Here’s a look at some of the best ways to step up your marketing game, and the major differences between them.


Many businesses work with developers to create tools that allow their targeted audience to better engage with their brand. While Ebooks have been a popular way of downloading content related to a business or industry in-depth, the true strength in this marketing method has been with infographics, case studies, and digital apps.

Your target audience wants to know exactly how and why your business will benefit them. Infographics offer a visual representation of your business, accompanied by carefully researched data and text-based information. This provides a detailed illustration of any aspect of your business, exploring the endless possibilities with one marketing tool. These infographics can ultimately be driven to actionable tactics that can be used to generate better leads.

If you like to get a bit more creative with your marketing strategy, case studies hold a similar benefit to infographics while offering a more story-oriented approach. This method paints a picture of your client before, during, and after using your service. Although the goal is to demonstrate the benefits of your business to the consumer, this method of audience targeting and lead generation can be curated to more specific marketing issues and solution.

Digital apps that aid in bookings, purchases, or provide content pertaining to your business put the power of the purchase at your clients’ fingertips. Targeted audiences enjoy the convenience of apps, as they provide your business’ services quickly and efficiently. Think of them as the fast food of marketing, only with the quality of a gourmet, five course meal! This encourages continued use from customers, and can even promote an increase in the volume of individual engagement or purchase.


Though technically another aspect of the downloadable marketing strategy, the use of white papers warrants a more expansive discussion. What was once considered a “dry” method of expressing important information can now be used as a clever, innovative marketing pitch.

The exact definition of what a whitepaper is varies from business to business. Historically, it has been a tool to provide definitive solutions for pesky business issues. If your business is exploring the issues and solutions surrounding new tech advances in their industry, a whitepaper would be provided as an in-depth, carefully researched tool. It outlines a specific issue and its impact on a business, before providing a definitive solution that is specific, detail-oriented, and researched by an industry professional.

With the changing times, whitepapers are used for lead generation by providing a sales team with valuable information. This information establishes an “expert” edge, building trust with potential customers and creating a foundation of credibility. These can be used during sales meetings, or otherwise sent out in a mailing list to your targeted audience as a “free report”. Clients appreciate the additional information, often finding that these papers establish professionalism and reliability.

As an increasingly valuable marketing tool, whitepapers offer a competitive edge in your sales pitches. Cultivated leads are more likely to convert if targeted audiences feel as though all of the information is at their disposal, and that complete transparency between client and business provider is intact.

While digital marketing trends continue to shift and change, their use is integral to every business owner. A well-oiled machine is constantly maintained and upgraded, so make sure that you are always on the look-out for new ways of building your business. The possibilities can truly be endless!