As integral as it is, some businesses may not put the proper time or energy into creating a solid marketing strategy. Although many business owners see the value in creating one, they don’t channel their energy into a marketing strategy that works.

Failing to create a solid marketing strategy could be detrimental to your brand, and could cost you valuable clients in the long run. Here are two of the biggest marketing “fails” by other brands that I’ve seen in recent years, and how the use of a strong marketing plan could have helped these brands avoid a marketing disaster.

1. Not understanding your target audience

Although Dove has had the goal to create marketing campaigns reflective of “real beauty,” they sometimes miss the mark. In 2017, we discussed one of Dove’s most controversial campaigns that caused international backlash. This commercial, which was deemed racially insensitive by viewers, indicated that Dove simply didn’t understand their market.

Although the branding message of “real beauty” holds true for many consumers, Dove seemed to be lacking in its attention to their target audience’s values by creating a marketing campaign that could be considered highly insensitive and inappropriate. On top of that, they lacked the proper research to illustrate what competitors were doing to get the message of “real beauty” out to their audience – a vital step in understanding the Unique Value Proposition (or UVP) of your own brand.

A marketing strategy, with the appropriate customer and competitor research, would have prevented these missteps and created a campaign that was better suited for their target audience.

2. Make sure your target is receptive to your brand messaging

This past February, Coca-Cola and Delta created a campaign where passengers were encouraged to write their phone numbers on a Coke insignia napkin and give it to their “plane crush.” The campaign experienced immediate backlash, and sited a “creepy” approach to selling a product.

I talked about this campaign in a previous blog to illustrate the importance of knowing your target audience. Not everyone wants to meet new people at 30,000 feet, and even fewer people are open to the idea of a company selling them something while they’re in flight. The venue, in conjunction with inappropriate brand messaging, is enough to give this campaign an “F” for its efforts.

When approaching marketing campaigns from a creative perspective, you need to come up with something fresh that’s going to stand out to an audience that is both excited and receptive to your brand messaging.

How do you ensure success?

For me, success has always been about research, strategy, creative execution, excellent implementation, and thorough analysis of the results. By writing a marketing strategy and conducting the essential research to determine who your target audience is, what they value, and how they want to be marketed to, you’re well on your way to achieving more success in your marketing campaigns. In combination with conducting competitor research, you’ll have all the tools you need to avoid marketing fails and get the results you’re looking for!

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