Have you ever considered a webinar to attract your target audience? If not, you might want to re-evaluate. Webinars are an incredible tool to help you broaden your scope of potential clients. After all, it can be extremely difficult to reach everyone you want within a specific demographic. You also have the added challenge in today’s market of needing to make a splash in order to get noticed.

Webinars are different than most marketing tools because they require an action from your target audience right away. A webinar, much like an in-person seminar, feels different to participants because they understand they are part of a community listening to an expert speak on a particular subject that interests them.

Here is how you can incorporate webinars into your marketing strategy.

Attracting people through webinars

To fully utilize and take advantage of this tactic, your business should first identify its overall brand message. What product or service are you selling? Why is it better than what your competitors are offering? How can it help people or other companies? What makes it worth the price tag you’ve attached to it? Webinars are like a virtual, real-time presentation to engage, educate and interact with clients and prospects.

How to create “buzz” and increase registration

Social media is often the best way to encourage engagement with your brand. Creating promotional ads on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram is a useful way to attract the appropriate audience (using targeting specifications). A prominent and eye-catching visual can help draw people in—and interesting, simple content can help get them to click! You can also keep the momentum going by promoting it on your website, as well as sending registration confirmation and reminder emails to those who sign up.

How to engage prospects and show value

When you ask people to buy what you are selling, you have to convince them they should spend their hard-earned money. Whatever your product or service is, it has to be either necessary or joyful. Ultimately, webinars give you more time and words than a conventional marketing medium (like an advertisement) to be convincing, not to mention the opportunity to make selling your product or service more personal. But you should also keep your messaging as concise as possible. Finding the sweet spot—educating your audience by sticking to the main, interesting points—is key. And always engage with your attendees during the webinar by encouraging them to ask you questions or provide comments.

Most people look for a combination of knowledge and entertainment when it comes to webinars. At CreativeWorks Marketing, we can help you produce content that checks both boxes. An effective marketing tactic can lead to an influx of clients. To speak with an agency that offers beneficial direction and guidance, contact us today!