Like it or not, social media is a mainstay of marketing. To have a viable business, you need to be on social media. Take into consideration that 420 billion people are active on social media, and you’ll understand why it’s a necessity. But simply having a Facebook or Instagram account for your business doesn’t mean you’re doing it right. A good social media strategy involves the creation of unique content, actively engaging your audience, and most importantly, measuring your results.

Here’s why measuring your social media is so important to the success of your marketing.

It improves your online presence

Generally speaking, an active social media account will help improve your online presence across the web, including Google rankings. This is an activity that will help you get your brand noticed which is why it is so important to have a plan for your social in terms of frequency, messaging, types of media used, and consistency in brand identity. There is nothing worse for your business than having a potential buyer land on your social site to find that there is nothing that has been posted, or the content is old, or the messages and images are confusing. Social media is a commitment, and it is in fact a skilled discipline, so before you decide you want to post on social media, make sure you have the trained resources in place (e.g. this is not a part time gig for your child/niece/nephew). Improve your online presence and measure your audience’s engagement and growth!

It connects you with your customers

If you’re the type of business to opt for a “set it and forget it” social media strategy, you may be in trouble. According to HubSpot, 54% of customers prefer social media to resolve customer service issues rather than phone or email. If your customers are reaching out to you via social media, but you’re not responding, this could lead to complaints or worse, negative online reviews. For B2B businesses, there’s value in social media for you, too. Measuring your social media accounts, in particular comments and likes, can provide you with potential networking opportunities to help grow your business through lead generation or identifying possible partnerships or new vendors to work with. For this reason, I always recommend that my B2B clients have an active LinkedIn Company page.

It provides opportunities to tailor your marketing

Social media is so much more than just posting memes, pictures and articles. These platforms now provide valuable marketing tools that can help you gain information from and about your customers. I highly recommend taking advantage of the newest features such as polls, Ask Me Anything stickers and other similar features that not only engage your audience, but also provide you with invaluable insights. Once you have this information, you can analyze it to create unique content for your customers that you now know they want. Unique content performs much better than simply reposting pre-existing content.

Measuring analytics is a critical part of marketing success, yet so many businesses don’t bother to look at them! I recommend reviewing your social media analytics on a daily basis. If you’re concerned about the time commitment this could take or you’re unsure where to start, consider working with a marketing agency such as CreativeWorks Marketing. At CreativeWorks Marketing, we do the legwork for you and ensure you understand your results so you can make the best decisions for your business. Contact us for a free consultation about your social media strategy today!