Regardless of whether you’re a football fan or not, chances are, every year, you probably know when the Super Bowl is coming, who’s performing the Halftime Show, which teams are playing, and certainly what snacks you’ll be serving. Simply put, the Super Bowl is an excellent example of solid marketing.

Then again, the NFL has had years to work on this since its inaugural game in 1967. And once its legitimacy and popularity grew in Super Bowl III, when the underdogs won, it quickly became the massive sporting event we know and love today. As we recover from the latest one, there are a few things your business can learn from the coaching, playing and advertising to apply to your marketing strategy.


When it comes down to it, coaches in any major sport are hired for their strategic skills and how they can relay them. Their job is to garner the most wins from their team. If they fail, they get pulled. Similarly, one of the most essential parts of your job as a business owner is figuring out your line-up and ensuring you are leading your team the right way.

Good leadership will often result in wins (i.e. prospects choosing your business over your competitors). To score the most touchdowns, you need to have the best people to translate into the most sales. Choosing the right team and leading them with positive energy, encouraging collaboration, and brainstorming together can help inspire confidence that—at least eventually—leads to success.

Playing the game

Together, the coach and quarterback (your executive and managerial teams) work on the plays to try to get a touchdown. If something isn’t working, they have to change up the play. The ultimate goal is to win. To achieve this in your business, your team has to consider possible interferences such as product or service development, cross-promotion and timing of the launch.

But you also have to focus on meeting the needs of your customers (or fans) to develop loyalty and interest. Marketing may feel secondary—not everyone considers how truly important this aspect is to your success. But without a proper strategy to plan and implement effective marketing techniques, you might just end up blocked.


What kind of marketing agency would we be if we didn’t also talk about the ads?

It didn’t actually take long for Super Bowl commercials to spawn a life of their own. For pure nostalgia, you can even find a 1973 ad on YouTube that was already significant enough to star Joe Namath—remember, TVs weren’t even in every household at the time! Needless to say, Super Bowl commercials quickly developed a reputation for their uniqueness and huge ROI.

Fast-forward to today where some people anticipate the roster of ads more than the game itself. And while only some of the biggest companies can afford to participate, this clearly exemplifies marketing strategy and ROI measurement. Why do big brands need to continue advertising in the first place? To stay relevant, top-of-mind and, in the case of Super Bowl commercials, talked about.

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