I often see business owners focus so much of their marketing efforts on getting their brand in front of their target audience that it slips their mind to regularly check on their brand’s status. This can have a devastating effect on your business because if the public’s opinion of your brand is decreasing without you knowing, all of your other marketing efforts might be fighting a losing battle.

Even the top companies in Canada aren’t immune to losing brand reputation. Earlier this year, Tim Hortons fell 46 spots in a survey of Canada’s most admired brands.

One of the most common reasons your brand reputation might decrease is your online presence and what your clients say about you online; 93% of consumers seek out online reviews to determine if a business is good or bad.

So how can you ensure your brand’s reputation is in good standing and stays that way? Here are a few tips I offer my clients when they express these concerns:

Be Diligent

Negative customer experiences can go viral in no time on social media. The sooner you catch a customer ranting about your products or services on a public forum the sooner you can address and hopefully fix it. In my experience, customers that leave negative reviews and have their concerns later addressed by the business often delete their reviews or replace them with positive ones.

Keep in mind that your clients may be talking about you on social media platforms your business isn’t signed up for. You don’t have to be on Twitter for your clients to create a hashtag that brings negative attention to your brand. This is why I encourage my clients to monitor and search for their business on every social media platform, whether or not they participate in them.

Stay Current

One easy way to deter a potential client from contacting you is if your website or social media accounts haven’t had anything new posted in months. You likely dedicate a lot of time and energy to ensuring those that contact you receive top-notch customer service; however, how are consumers that are unfamiliar with your business supposed to know you’re timely if your online presence doesn’t reflect that?

Are there any large charitable events in your business’s hometown that you can support to show your community involvement? Will your business have a booth at an upcoming trade show? Is there breaking news (positive or tragic) in your industry that you can comment on? These are perfect examples of what to post about on your social media and the news section of your website so that your visitors know you care about them and their interests.

Show Personality

Your business employs fascinating individuals that are passionate about your innovative products or services and the satisfaction of your clients. Let the world know! Take pictures of your internal company events like the winter holiday party or summer BBQ and share them with the public. Your target audience might be pleasantly surprised to see the human side of your business.

Another way to humanize your business is to not depend too heavily on automated messaging. When you receive a negative comment, try responding with an authentic acknowledgement of their negative encounter with your brand and inform them of how you plan to resolve the matter. And be sure to engage with clients who leave positive comments to show that you value their experiences with your business!

At CreativeWorks Marketing, we are focused on following your online presence and creating engaging reputation management strategies to maintain and improve your brand’s reputation. If you need help managing your business’s public relations, contact CreativeWorks Marketing today.