The concept of “going viral” has been a huge innovation for digital marketing. A viral marketing campaign is every marketer’s dream: who wouldn’t want thousands, or even millions of views for their content? It offers the unique opportunity for a brand to increase their exposure with a current, relatable message that audiences connect to, and that’s something that I think every marketer should look to achieve.

A viral form of media is the gold medal of digital marketing – but does your business have what it takes to create viral content? As great as it sounds, you may find that producing viral content is a lot more challenging than it’s marketed to be.

If you still want to shoot for the “stars” of digital marketing, here are some things to consider before you even break through the atmosphere.

Do you have the dedication?

Building a viral campaign requires careful planning and thought. Although it may seem like marketers can create a viral campaign out of nowhere, the amount of time it takes to plan the campaign is often left out of the finished equation. Understanding your audience, making an emotional connection, connecting to your target audience’s values, generating the right content, and sharing content at the perfect time are all things that are important to be mindful of when creating viral content.

Very rarely does a marketing campaign strike gold right off the bat. Even though some marketers say that luck plays a huge factor in generating viral content, I don’t believe that’s always the case. Hard work will get you almost anywhere, but you need to make sure that you’re willing to put in the time first.

Do you have the content?

 I think it’s worth talking about what kind of content is likely to go viral, as there are some brands that are just more likely to succeed than others. We see this appeal all the time in the form of celebrity influencers on Instagram. These people get thousands to millions of likes and comments for each post that they make. That’s a lot of exposure to their brand!

In a similar vein, some brands really do sell themselves. Nike, for example, is renowned for creating viral campaigns that speak to their audience (their campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick, although controversial, is an excellent example). If your brand is offering a more niche product or service, however, you may find that going viral can be more challenging.

A viral campaign needs to have the content to back up its value. I recommend taking some time to figure out what your client needs from your product or service, and catering your content to those specific needs.

Are you willing to put money on it?

 Paid advertising has been one of the most tried and true methods of making your brand more visible. In the digital world, paying for boosts on social posts isn’t just recommended now – it’s a requirement. The more eyes you have on your brand, the more engagement you’ll receive, which in turn, can lead to more clients.

If you’re paying to boost your brand’s visibility, you maximize your chances of having a viral campaign. Although some businesses choose to use influencers in conjunction with the traditional methods of paid advertising, I highly recommend having all of your content in place before pursuing this option. Remember – content is king!

With the right elements in place, nearly any business can create a viral marketing campaign that allows for better engagement with their brand. Even if you don’t get thousands of followers or likes, the increased visibility is a powerful tool for all marketing production and growth.

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