If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times: you need to market your business in a compelling way that draws in a loyal fan base. You may have read a million blogs and articles on brand storytelling, but before creating a brand story, it’s important to ask yourself: what is it and why does it matter?

Brand storytelling involves painting an attractive narrative that demonstrates the initial idea for your company, creates a need or a problem that implies why you exist, and explains the resolution you deliver. In my experience, there are three key reasons brand storytelling is more critical than ever to your brand growth.

Making your company relatable

As you see online with the growth of “velfies”, influencers, and new social media platforms like TikTok, customers and prospects today want to see your imperfections, what happens behinds the scenes, and perhaps some genuine mess-ups. Whether it’s a photo shoot gone wrong or a blooper reel, humanizing your company (by actually incorporating humans) will help them relate. I recommend divulging some background story, giving a little history of your company, spotlighting team members, and demonstrating your amazing rapport and culture. By doing this, you let your customers and prospects in on the fun—and they end up feeling like they’re a part of it.

Convincing them with logic and emotion

Rather than simply stating that your product or service is excellent, I suggest emphasizing why. But while you need to convince customers and prospects on some level to purchase with their logical left brain, studies show that most of our decisions can actually be credited to the emotional right brain. Making your brand story truly memorable, on the other hand (which involves tuning into both sides), will evoke that elusive combination of both logic and emotion. You need to tell a story that gives people feel a sense of comfort, warmth, power, speed, altruism, or other desirable feelings. Inadvertently, this will encourage them to buy what you are selling.

Demonstrating your social impact

What they’re also seeking is a way to make meaningful purchases. If we can support a local business that tells a story about its value of free trade, sustainability, or cruelty-free testing versus one that doesn’t, we will. Although our consumerism has steadily grown, our social awareness and the desire to support it have made us more conscious shoppers. That’s why explaining your positive alignment will make customers feel good about buying from you as a company.

I get asked a lot how to target an audience that ultimately has so many different options to choose from. When done right, brand storytelling can give your business the boost it needs. Contact CreativeWorks Marketing today for more information on how to achieve this!