If you were in the middle of open heart surgery, would you all of a sudden let a pilot take over?  What about ending the surgery altogether? Neither of these options seem reasonable. Your marketing should be treated the same way. Much like performing surgery, marketing requires a set of technical skills in order for it to be successful. If done incorrectly, you could suffer far worse consequences than simply wasted time and effort.

Based on my 25+ years of experience, I’ve outlined some common issues business owners run into when they take a “DIY” approach to marketing.

Reputation Management

As a business owner myself, I get it; sometimes you think of an idea for your business that you “just have to do” in order to make your business the next big thing. However, sometimes these ideas don’t go as planned, and you risk tarnishing your brand image. Even the most innocent of ideas can result in backlash if you don’t look at it through a different lens. Similarly, some business owners merge their personal values with their brand. Unfortunately, this can result in a PR nightmare and a loss of sales as a result. By trusting a marketing expert to guide you in the right direction, you can focus on what matters: growing your business.

It’s More Complicated Than It Seems

When you invest in something for your business, you obviously want to have a return on your investment—that’s Business 101. When it comes to marketing, it’s important to shift your mindset from “expense” to “investment”. Depending on what kind of campaign you run, results may not show up overnight. Marketing is a long-term commitment to the success of your business.

Since there are a lot of moving parts (i.e. paid search, SEO, analytics, social media, etc.), you’ll want to ensure whoever is handling your marketing is generally familiar with all of these aspects. While making a simple change to a website may seem easy, the wrong click of a button could cause your website to load incorrectly or crash, resulting in lost leads and sales. Though it may be tempting to take on a marketing role, I suggest leaving the technical skills to someone who is familiar with marketing software. Instead, you can focus on the “big picture” that leads your marketer to creating a successful plan for your business.  

They’ll Help You Weather the Storm

You may think it’s in your best interest to cut your marketing spend as a result of COVID-19. Rather than cutting marketing out completely, I suggest modifying your marketing plan if you are in a financial bind. You may opt to focus on free marketing tactics such as blogs and social media, or lower your spend on paid search and take advantage of online marketplaces. A recent report found that 52% of Canadians say they are more likely to buy online now. A marketing expert can help you create a plan for the next few months to navigate these uncharted waters, whether it’s transitioning your business to sell online, or building your brand for when things return to normal.

At CreativeWorks Marketing, we’ve created some awesome programs to help you get through the next few months without sacrificing your brand reputation by adapting a “DIY” approach. Contact us today to learn more!