Louise Kool & Galt

Market Research: Know Your Customers


Louis Kool & Galt is the leading supplier of learning materials, furniture and equipment to the Canadian early childhood and elementary school markets.


For this project, CreativeWorks Marketing won Gold at the 2016 MarCom Awards, a global competition recognizing creativity and excellence in the marketing and communication fields.

The Challenge

Louis Kool & Galt (LKG) wanted to conduct research to identify what their customers look like in terms of what they value in the product offerings, how they rank LKG against competitors, how they feel about LKG, and their buying decisions based on segment. 

Our Solution

CreativeWorks Marketing set out to obtain reliable data to help craft the marketing strategy and product purchases, as well as create more targeted marketing activities based on customer input. In order to accomplish this goal, CreativeWorks Marketing conducted both qualitative and quantitative research with target audiences. We began by conducting telephone interviews with buyers in LKG’s target market and then created a highly customized survey that allowed each audience to only see questions specifically intended for them.


Based on the information received from the market research, LKG will refocus their marketing to have a more segmented approach and use marketing activities that engage a predominantly 40+ female audience. They will also reinforce their brand value of quality products across all marketing activities and investigate paths to expand their presence in markets outside of Ontario. As a result of the survey, they are better positioned to go deeper into the markets they serve and expand into new ones, knowing how their audience perceives their value in the educational resources market.