You’ve heard me say it before and I’ll say it again: video marketing is very beneficial for your business.  Over the last few years, I’ve advocated for my clients to include more video into their marketing plans.  One of the hesitations I often hear is related to cost.  While producing videos used to be relatively expensive, it’s much more affordable these days, and sometimes even free!  Depending on your intended purpose, you don’t always have to have a high production value either.  Understandably, businesses are being cautious with their money right now, but with the right strategy and messaging, you can reap the benefits of video marketing even with a limited budget. 

No matter what you choose to promote via video, remember that video requires thought – it’s much more than simply turning on the camera and hitting record.  Here are my top three ways for incorporating more video into your marketing plan. 

Social Media

If you’re looking for a free and effective way to connect with your customers, consider taking advantage of the video features available on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.  With Facebook and Instagram, going “live” allows you to increase engagement with your followers, increase exposure for your brand, and creates unique content for your page.  In fact, going live increases your audience reach 14.6x compared to standard image posts.  Although these types of videos don’t need to be staged, I always advise my clients to make the best use of these opportunities by being strategic with their messaging.  Examples include incorporating brand elements such as a logo throughout your frame or mentioning your company name or website at certain times throughout your video.  Keep in mind that internet users watched over 1 billion hours of live video in 2019, and this has surely increased since then.  As you can see, branding is an essential part of video if you want your audience to remember who or what they’re watching.

Most importantly, ensure your videos contain a call-to-action so your audience has a clear take away once they are done viewing your content.  Check out some of these examples to get a better idea of the types of call-to-actions you could include in your video.  Or, work closely with a marketing consultant or agency such as CreativeWorks Marketing to ensure you’re making the most out of these candid video opportunities.  The best part is that once you have your videos created, you can use them as a marketing tool across multiple channels including your website.  83% of marketers have found that having video on your website helps increase the length of time visitors spend on your site. 

Product and Service Demonstrations

Oftentimes, businesses are simply unaware about what type of content is best used to create videos.  Considering that every business has a product or service to sell, product and service demonstrations are a great place to start.  Especially if you’re a business that previously relied on in-person events and tradeshows to showcase your products or services, this is a great option to pursue in place of those events.  When it comes to creating videos for product and service demonstrations, I encourage you to think about how you can enhance these videos beyond stating technical specifications and showing what the product or service does.  While this is important information for your customers to be aware about, it’s the same approach that every other business takes.  Instead, show your customers the value of your product and how it addresses their pain points.  Best of all, you can use these videos across multiple channels to increase your ROI.


Have you ever read a Google review and thought to yourself, “hmm, this sounds too good to be true”, and wondered who actually wrote it?  While online reviews can increase the chances of someone frequenting your business, I encourage you to try a new approach backed by science.  Studies have found that being able to see one’s face can influence trustworthiness.  Next time you ask a customer to review your business, see if they’re comfortable with recording a video instead.  Even if they’re not, there are other ways you can use video to accomplish this goal.  All it takes is a little bit of creativity.

While I’ve focused on different tactical approaches to incorporate more video into your marketing, remember it’s all about strategy.  Ad hoc tactics will not produce the results you want. If you’re interested in learning more about how video can be uniquely used in your business, reach out to CreativeWorks Marketing today!