Provincial Roofing

Differentiation and Consistency: Essential in Showing Company Value


Provincial Roofing is an established and versatile roofing contractor with extensive experience in the industrial, commercial, historical, and institutional construction sectors, with over four decades in the roofing industry.


For this project, CreativeWorks Marketing was awarded the 2012 Hermes Creative Award for branding.

The Challenge

Provincial Roofing was launching a new emergency service. This gave rise to the need to create a strategic marketing plan that ensures they set themselves apart within the industry and in the minds of their customers. Despite being in the industrial roofing industry for over 40 years, Provincial Roofing did not have a clearly defined brand. Their marketing materials did not define what makes them different from their competitors, and there was some brand confusion due to inconsistencies in the use of colours, logo placement, and variations in the use of the company name.

Our Approach

CreativeWorks Marketing conducted a deep competitive analysis that highlighted key areas of differentiation, including their unique expertise, work quality, and service level. This research laid the foundation for the strategic plan, company rebrand, and types of marketing collateral.

Our Solution

  • Brand Consistency: CreativeWorks Marketing incorporated the brand values learned as a result of the research analysis to develop consistent messaging, including taglines, colours, tone, and imagery throughout all of their materials.
  • Messaging: A tagline was developed to clearly identify the company’s purpose and unique offering.
  • Unique Selling Feature (USF): In an industry where most competitors have been in the business for 70+ years, the USF became more important as a way to stand out and build a reputation as the gold standard of service quality.
  • Website: A new website was designed, incorporating the new branding, messaging, highlights of the new emergency service, images, calls to action, and popup forms to direct customers to exactly what they need. It highlights Provincial Roofing’s unique offerings and the qualities they are most known for: expertise, experience, and a quality approach.
  • Online Solutions: A social media and online marketing plan was created that reflected the new brand and the direction and focus of the company

Today Provincial Roofing Has:

  • A strategic plan for their marketing activities;
  • A stronger and well-defined brand that reflects the values and qualities the business was built upon;
  • A bold, easy-to-navigate website that draws attention to key service areas and showcases actual projects;
  • New client leads as a result of online marketing (social media and online advertising);
  • Supportive and positive feedback from clients; and
  • An enhanced competitive advantage.