Olivet School

Unified Branding


Founded in 1893, Olivet School is a Christian, private elementary school offering education from preschool to Grade 5.

The Challenge

Olivet School wanted to increase their student enrolment after noticing a steady decline in their elementary grade programs. They wanted to see the insight their stakeholders (teachers, parents, and past students) could offer them in increasing their enrolment with a new marketing strategy.

Our Approach

We needed to develop a marketing plan fit to showcase Olivet School’s unique approach to education through qualitative research of stakeholders and competitors. We also needed to rebrand Olivet School to create separation from the church without misguiding parents regarding the school’s religious teachings.

Our Solution

  • We focused on highlighting the caring, quality education Olivet School provides.
  • We took a strategic approach to semantics and chose to use words such as “philosophy” and “values” in the copy used for marketing collateral, as opposed to more polarizing words such as “religion” and “doctrine.”
  • We chose to elaborate on the benefits they offer, such as individualized attention and accommodation for students.
  • We promoted increased community involvement.

Today Olivet School Has:

  • A clear understanding of who they are and the type of education they can offer children;
  • A brochure and admissions books that contain the same messaging and values as their online brand;
  • Advertising (digital and print) with visible ROI; and
  • Electronic communications, including emails and newsletters to create a united community among stakeholders.