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Podcast: What’s New in Video Marketing?

Doug Hohener, founder of CreativeWorks Marketing was featured in episode 214 of IABC’s International Podcast to discuss video marketing. Listen to the podcast.

What’s New in Video Marketing?

Nothing is more powerful than video to truly capture or tell a story. Today, it seems that everybody and their uncle is making a YouTube video and sharing it on various social platforms to gain “subscribers” that will lead to advertisers.

In the business world, however, we can’t afford for branding to be diluted with low-quality and low-production-value videos. Although this visual medium can have personal value, when using video to communicate to your audience, it needs to positively reflect your brand. Read More. 

3 Steps to Laying the Foundation for Solid Market Research

If you’ve conducted market research for your business, whether through an online survey, a competitive analysis, or even a mailed customer survey, did you act on the results? Did you find the results helpful in moving your agenda forward?

I can’t think of another aspect of marketing where the expression, ”you get out of it what you put in” could be more accurate than in market research. Read More. 

Digging deeper into Gillette’s “We Believe” campaign

Some of the greatest marketing campaigns tell a story. A story will help your target audience become more emotionally connected to your campaign, increasing the likelihood that they’ll actually purchase your product or service.

Having the correct impact on your audience requires that you observe several factors, including brand recognition, communication with your target audience, and promotion of your unique services. Read More. 

The Alternative Board

When Doug Hohener joined The Alternative Board in 2009 his company, CreativeWorks Marketing, was a home-based business with no employees. Today, the company has two full-time employees and one part-time, and has moved into a 1300 sq. ft. office in Markham. It has also received 14 international awards, including both Gold and Platinum level re-branding awards from Hermes.

Before starting his own business, Hohener gained his marketing and branding skills in the   employ of several large agencies. When he founded Creativeworks in 2005, he began with   consulting work, which over the years turned more toward project work.  Read more. 

How to Use Marketing Best Practices to Engage Your Employees

I’ve been thinking lately about the similarities between trying to engage consumers and employees. Traditionally we have always separated internal communications from marketing, as the audiences are different, but when you get right down to it, whether internal or external, an audience is an audience – it is the message and medium that dictate the real engagement.

There are several ways internal communicators can learn from marketing best practices. At my agency, it is so imperative to understand our client’s audience, what they value and how to better reach and engage them with content that is relevant to them. Without a doubt these goals are equally shared with your internal communications. Read more.

The Safety Brand 

A strong marketing campaign can engage workers in safety, improve culture.
Hundreds of thousands of people commute via bus, streetcar or subway every day in Toronto. Many of them have been at least one of the “Here’s why I work safe” posters. The posters show a father with his daughter, a man playing hockey with his buddies, a family photo in a wallet and a supervisor with his staff.  Read more.
The Blurred Lines Between Advertising and Social Media

When future U.S. President Ronald Reagan’s Chesterfield cigarette ads premiered, did people really believe that he smoked a pack a day? Probably not, because they knew it was an advertisement. But today, when we see pictures of Kylie Jenner posing with her FitTea on Instagram, do we think that she drinks it every morning to maintain a healthy weight? Maybe. Read more.