Marketing Programs

Has going remote thrown a wrench in your marketing plans for 2020? Don’t worry – you’re not alone. To help you survive, we’ve created programs to keep your business top of mind.


To better understand why you should keep your marketing consistent during this time, watch our video.

Crazy for (e)-Commerce

Are you a brick-and-mortar store that relies on in-person purchases? Were you forced to close your doors as a non-essential business? Don’t waste any more time losing money! CreativeWorks Marketing can build a quick and simple e-commerce site just for you. Continue selling your products as if you were still open, and keep that cash flow coming in!

Brand Camp

With people using social media to keep in touch now more than ever before, you need to keep your social media presence strong. Our “personal trainers” will give your online presence the “pump” it needs. We’re offering 25 branded images for your Instagram to keep it fun and attractive for all of your followers.

Bye, Bye Bad Videos

Have you noticed that even the largest companies are relying on do-it-yourself (DIY) home videos to share their messages? Just because you have to work from home, it doesn’t mean your brand image has to take a hit. Our production team can
edit and brand your videos so that you continue to maintain a professional, polished look (even if you’re working in your pyjamas).

The Good Audit

Are you interested in strengthening your brand during this downtime? Want to know where your business falls short when it comes to marketing? We’re offering our
popular branding audit at a fraction of the price! We’ll review your website and social media content to let you know how you can create a stronger online presence that can keep you afloat during this pandemic and beyond.

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