IT Business Advisors

Rebranding For New Business Focus


IT Business Advisors, formerly Facilitate I.T. (FIT), is an established Information Technology company that provides IT solutions to small businesses.


For this project, CreativeWorks Marketing was awarded the Hermes Award for rebranding in 2012.

The Challenge

FIT’s original focus had been providing IT solutions for website design and hosting, but they wanted to move away from this type of service and change their focus to providing IT solutions to small businesses. They needed a brand, a strategy, and new marketing materials to reflect their new focus and service offerings.

Our Approach

CreativeWorks Marketing conducted a thorough competitive analysis to explore what the FIT brand stands for, what they do, and how they are different from their competitors. The research provided valuable insight to create the strategic plan and the tactical deployment that was to follow.

Our Solution

  • New Brand Name: CreativeWorks Marketing recommended changing the company name from Facilitate I.T. Inc. to IT Business Advisors. This new name better identifies their unique business offering.
  • Unique Selling Feature (USF): In an industry where all competitors seem to be selling similar services, the USF became more important as a way to stand out and build a reputation based on their “special” difference.
  • Logo & Tagline: CreativeWorks Marketing designed a new logo and developed a tagline to reflect the overarching purpose of their brand promises, both externally and internally.
  • Website: CreativeWorks Marketing designed a new corporate website to reflect the new brand, direction, and focus of the company. Since IT Business Advisors is known for its expertise and personable approach, so too should the site.
  • Online Solutions: A social media and online marketing plan was strategically created to maximize exposure and reflect the new direction of the company to their audience.

Today IT Business Advisors Has:

  • A strategic plan for their marketing activities;
  • A new and well-defined brand and business name that reflects the new focus of their business;
  • A website that acts as an extension of their brand that is easy to navigate and reflects the key areas and services they proudly offer;
  • Online social media presence and engagement, including a monthly blog;
  • Marketing collateral that reflects their value to customers; and
  • An enhanced competitive advantage in their industry.