Expanding the Business: The Need for a Brand Identity


Cesmic was founded in 2001 and provides infrastructure support for data centre and server room solutions for medium and large businesses in Canada.


For this project, CreativeWorks Marketing was awarded the MarCom award for rebranding in 2012.

 The Challenge

Cesmic made a significant business decision to expand into a new market in Montreal. To attract new clients and be successful in Montreal, they needed to move beyond referral-based marketing and a simple website that did not reflect their current service offerings. Cesmic needed a brand that would clearly define who they are, how they are different, and what services they offer.

Our Approach

CreativeWorks researched Cesmic’s competition, which highlighted the need for a rebranding that would clarify how they are different and what value they have to clients seeking IT infrastructure support.

Our Solution

  • Brand: Based on the competitive research, CreativeWorks created a Cesmic brand to explain what the company stands for, defining who they are, what they do, and how they do it. The new branding expresses the Cesmic culture and character, which, in turn, helps play a leading role in establishing Cesmic’s reputation in their clients’ minds.
  • Unique Selling Feature (USF): In an industry where all competitors seem to be selling approximately the same services, the USF became more important as a way to have the brand stand out and to build a reputation based on the “special” difference.
  • Visual Identity: Their logo was designed to meet the overarching purpose of the brand’s external and internal promises, and to signify the company as the go-to expert resource for complete data centre solutions.
  • Messaging: A tagline was developed to clearly identify the company’s purpose and unique offering.

Today Cesmic Has:

  • A strategic plan for their marketing activities;
  • An industry-leading brand identity;
  • A consistent and strong brand that delivers an accurate perception of their identity;
  • A clean site with simple navigation, making it easy for potential clients to get the information they want quickly, but also drawing their attention to specific areas; and
  • Improved customer confidence in their business, an increase in company profile, and an enhanced competitive advantage.