Knowing Your Audience

When it comes to marketing, it probably goes without saying that the first and most crucial element to consider is whom you are trying to target. Whatever medium you choose is irrelevant—you want to engage and appeal to a specific demographic to garner more customers.

Top 4 Marketing Trends for 2020

As a small business owner, you’ve witnessed firsthand just how important marketing can be. Whether you are focused more on branding or engagement, it always helps to know how to improve, what your competition is doing, and what’s on the horizon.

Creating A Consistent Brand Strategy

Your business, like most, is striving to build a stellar reputation in your industry. The majority of the time, this will come from the brand you create as people begin to associate your company with specific products or services, colours, messaging, logos, etc.

What is Unbranding?

Is there such a thing as “marketing too hard”? Focusing on building brand awareness is important without overexposing your company.

How to Conduct a Website Audit

Is your website is up to par? Is it attracting the kind of prospects you want and successfully engaging your existing clients? To take your customer experience to a new level, it is crucial that you can affirmatively—and confidently—answer these questions.

What’s with this “Influencer Marketing”?

Influencer marketing isn’t new, but with so many marketing approaches vying for audience attention, having a powerful influencer plan is a great way to expose your brand to your target audience.

How Can Video Marketing Enhance Your Brand?

You may be aware of the use of video marketing in the context of commercials and other large-scale marketing campaigns, but did you know that video marketing is so much more than just commercials and catchy jingles? …

Why Should You Mystery Shop Your Competitors?

Do you ever wonder what your competitors are doing, or what sets them apart from your business? Are you planning on launching a new product that can potentially get you ahead of the competition? If so, it might be time to give...

What Does It Mean to Have Ethics in Marketing?

Ethical marketing is an integral aspect of your brand: how it relates to you, as a business owner, how it relates to your company’s value, and how it relates to your customers. But what does it mean to have ethics in marketing, and how can that influence your brand overall? …