Blair Technology Solutions

Website Redesign to Reflect Today’s Trends


For over 20 years, Blair Technology Solutions has been driven with one key goal in mind: driving positive business outcomes through technology innovation.

The Challenge

With a desire to become more competitive in the business technology industry, Blair Technology Solutions required their online presence to reflect a shift in their business model. To properly showcase their new business focus, Blair Technology Solutions was seeking a professional and inviting website design that aligned with industry best practices yet remained innovative in its approach.

Our Solution

CreativeWorks Marketing set out to create a modern and persuasive website for Blair Technology Solutions that set them apart from their competition. First, we conducted market research in the form of analysing other technology industry websites. Our research showed that there was an industry focus on highlighting use cases.

Additionally, in accordance with website best practices, we wanted to bring attention to their unique value proposition (UVP) to clearly inform website visitors of how Blair Technology Solutions could meet or exceed their IT needs. After working closely with their internal team to craft a clearly defined UVP, we followed our proven best practices for website design and development to ensure their UVP was effectively communicated, especially on the home page.

We worked closely with our client to curate content, including use cases and downloads, that could also be used as lead generation for their sales team.

Lastly, since they identified a need to use a nimble content management system (CMS) for ease-of-use when making changes, we developed the website using a CMS that was easy to understand and required minimal coding knowledge.


Today, Blair Technology Solutions has a website that clearly identifies their value in the marketplace, highlights their new services, and is optimized for lead generation with newly curated content. Overall, the website is now a valuable resource for their sales team to direct prospects. Since the launch of their state-of-the-art website, we have updated their content once more to include a recent addition to their services and continue to maintain a mutually beneficial business relationship.