At CWM, measurement is the key to building successful campaigns. We pride ourselves on providing detailed monthly analytical reports, which are presented in monthly analytics meetings with our president at the beginning of each month. With more than 25 years of marketing expertise, he will discuss strategies and provide recommendations.

The CWM Analytics Report is created by measuring all of your digital marketing activities within a month to assess any outliers, anomalies and successes. We capture measurements over an entire year to best observe your company engagement trends and advertising buying cycles, as well as determine the types of topics that capture the highest engagement and reach.  

By capturing your customers’ behaviours, we are able to specifically target your campaigns to their needs.

The CWM Analytics Report is customized to your company’s marketing activities and may include: 

  • Email marketing: We assess your email campaigns’ success by comparing click-through rates (CTR), bounce rates, and conversions. We also focus on how well your links, calls to action and topics perform within them.
  • Website: We delve deep into your Google Analytics to provide you with meaning behind the numbers. We look at referrals, key pages accessed, key cities, and bounce rates, as well as site and mobile traffic.
  • Content marketing/blogs: We track the success of every blog we write, post, and engage with. This includes comments, engagements, shares, etc.
  • Social media: We capture how many engagements came from each of your social media channels, what’s improving, what’s receiving better engagement, and what platforms are not performing well.
  • Paid advertising: We track Google Ads, Facebook ads, and individual site ads to assess if they are driving targeted traffic to your landing page. We will review your monthly spend versus your conversions and brand exposure. We evaluate your cost of leads and conversions so to break down how much it costs to acquire each customer.