The purpose of blogging is no longer to just improve your company’s search rankings. Blogs can be used to engage your audience, provide them with useful and practical information, build client loyalty, and provide content for your website. I know writing a blog every week or two can become mundane—which is the exact opposite sentiment you’re trying to convey. From one owner to another, let me share with you three ways you can elevate your company blog and get your mojo back!

Use video and other multimedia

A picture is worth a thousand words, as they say, and a good blog needs to be supported by strong visuals, like photos and video, that catch your audience’s eye. Although using a stock image is super simple, investing a bit of time to find a “real” image can provoke more interest. Or find a video clip that captures your blog’s essence. Videos have become popular on social media because they offer a personal touch, more insight into the people behind the companies, and altogether engage clients and prospects more. And, we all know, Google cares about video, which means you need to care about it, too!

Make a blog content strategy
Content is king! But content, like your blog, needs a plan. Using your company’s social channels to actually get eyes on your blogs is only part of it. If you consider that you’ll generate three times more leads via blogs than through ads, then there is no question about the impact of blogging.

Blogging generates 3 times more leads than paid search

Make sure you have a plan that includes frequency, topics, and alerts for potential readers about your new blog posts. 

Hire guest writers to promote your brand in their network

Collaborating with a renowned industry guest blogger who has a larger following than you can help you attract prospects to read and learn about your business. Be careful to fully investigate the guest blogger, however, by speaking to references. You should also create a contract of terms and expectations—otherwise, you could be locked into a full year of blogs for offshore products (I have seen this happen)! On the other hand, I have also seen gust blogging take a simple company blog with 200 followers to international heights! Professional guest blogs can lead to more traffic on your website, as well as a boost in your SEO ranking.

I hope you’ll follow these tips to put the mojo back in your blog. But, if you need help creating a content plan (or a blog writer, for that matter), be sure to reach out to me directly. We can discuss the best approach to accomplishing your marketing goals!