Social Media Management

Social Media Management

If you are questioning the ROI of your social media efforts, then consider the following:
Do your Facebook posts receive likes, shares and comments?
Do your posts evoke an emotion with your followers?
Are your tweets getting retweeted?
Do your blog posts receive comments?
Do your followers initiate conversations on your social media platforms?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES then you should consider the ROI of your social media efforts to be a success!

Even as a newer medium, social media is vital to your business in terms of audience reach and availability.

Today’s consumers and clients are more apt to heed the advice given by their peers online, and form their opinions about a brand based on others’ experiences of it. Social Media is a tool to connect yourself directly with your audience, and gives you an outlet to communicate, respond, and participate in meaningful conversation. With a variety of social media available from Facebook to WordPress blogs, it’s more important now more than ever to have a comprehensive integrative strategy.

CreativeWorks Marketing has been creating Social Media strategies as well as ongoing Social Media services (writing and posting) for over 5 years, and is well-versed in this medium.

If your company is not present on Social Media, we can help. If your engagement is low, we can help.  If you are unsure of how to launch a campaign, we can help.  If you do not have consistent frequency or need measurement in place, you guessed it… we can help!

CreativeWorks Marketing will conduct an audit of the Social Media sites of your direct competitors to determine the value-add, usage, and frequency of Social Media in your industry. A critical assessment of industry best practices will also provide insight into the course of action for your company.

To see proven results from this medium, you need to start with a Social Media strategy. We create strategies which identify the networks that are best suited to your business, and why. We determine frequency recommendations, response times, types of campaigns, integration suggestions, and measurement with ROI implications.

We know CEOs and senior executives do not have the time needed to write blogs, and regularly manage social media. We post, engage, and monitor your company’s social media profiles on your behalf. We will create a regular posting schedule, and plan according to the strategy. At CreativeWorks, our trusted team of professional writers will work with you to find your unique voice.