As a business owner, you may not have much time to focus on marketing your business, but did you know there are minor tweaks you can make to optimize what you’re already doing? One of those tweaks would be to include more visuals into your online marketing. We have already talked about how using video marketing will increase your site visits and client engagement, but here are a few more visual options that I can suggest:


Any information presented using visual elements is an infographic. Infographics are 30 times more likely to be read than a purely textual article for the following reasons:

  • Simple yet Engaging ­– Large blocks of text can cause eyes to wander, but well-designed infographics keep all eyes on your content.
  • Easy to Share – Because infographics can be saved as image files, they are easy to share via email or social media.

Check out our infographic that summarizes why CreativeWorks Marketing helps businesses strengthen their online presence:


GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format, which is a file type that supports animated images. I like to think of GIFs as somewhere between images and videos, because they don’t have sound and are a series of images strung together on a loop to show movement.

You may know GIFs to be used for humorous purposes, such as most of those on GIPHY, but they are used for professional purposes as well for the following reasons:

  • Easy to Make ­– GIFs are usually only a couple seconds long, which means you don’t need a large production like you would for a video.
  • Eye-Catching – GIFs draw more attention than images because the subtle movements catch our eyes.

Even this animated logo counts as a GIF:


A meme is technically any idea that is spread among a large group of people. Today, memes are what many millennials call entertaining images with overlaying text.

In more traditional industries, internet memes may not be well received because they are heavily rooted in pop culture. But industries that want to target younger demographics may recognize the following marketing benefits of memes:

  • Show Personality – Cookie-cutter social media posts are boring; memes allow your business to show its authenticity and sense of humour.
  • Share Easily – Like any other image, memes can be shared with the quick click of a button on social media and messaging apps.

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