Fuji Spray

New product launch leads to trade show success

Fuji Spray is a leading North American manufacturer of HVLP paint spraying equipment.

The Challenge

As an exhibitor at the largest woodworking trade show in Las Vegas, U.S.A., Fuji Spray wanted to make a splash with the launch of their newest spray gun, MPX-30.

Not only did they require assistance with creating an engaging booth experience for the show, but they also needed to clearly identify and define their target market for this new spray gun in addition to their other product lines.

Our Approach

Because Fuji Spray sells to both end users and distributors, we began with conducting market research to learn about what both types of stakeholders look for when deciding to purchase or sell a spray gun. We also gained insight into how Fuji Spray ranks amongst its competitors for HVLP and compressor spray guns. The outcome of this research led us to having a clear understanding of who Fuji Spray’s customers are. It also provided us with insight to create buyer personas that were useful when developing a booth experience and collateral for the trade show.

Our Solution

  • Create unique buyer personas that allow for tailored content and messaging of collateral
  • Refresh the Fuji Spray brand with a new tagline that better aligns with the perception customers have of their products based on the market research
  • Film new videos catered to the end user, showcasing how-to guides, tips and FAQs
  • Design a new, eye-catching and versatile booth that showcases the new brand and product

Today Fuji Spray Has:

  • A versatile trade show booth and experience that resulted in over 500 leads at the 2017 AWFS trade show in Las Vegas
  • A consistent brand that resonates with their customers
  • Professionally designed brochures that are benefit-driven and tailored to unique audiences for easy understanding
  • Advertising with visible ROI