Knowing Your Customer - An Integral Part of Marketing Success


Established in the late 1900s, ANRIC provides domestic and international clients with professional development, quality assurance, engineering and consulting services in the power, chemical and petrochemical industries within the nuclear and non-nuclear sectors.


The Challenge

ANRIC wanted to expand their business not only into new markets, but also with added services. Before making the investment, they wanted to better understand their customers, industry standards, and have a strategic direction for their marketing activities.

Our Approach

Create a strategic marketing plan beginning with a customer and competitive analysis: CreativeWorks conducted not only an in-depth qualitative study with several customers; we also conducted a competitive analysis to understand industry best practices. This research provided great insight for the development of a strategic marketing plan, which outlined what ANRIC is known for and how their customers perceive them.

Our Solution

  • Create a strategic marketing plan to include: research findings, actual testimonials from customers, competitor analysis, competitor pricing and service delivery methods
  • Research revealed what customers want and value
  • Defined a unique selling feature: To expand their business, they need to build a reputation based on what their customers value: their “special” difference.
  • Based on the research, their customers are not interacting online and a industry-specific approach was developed to engage their audience

Today Anric Enterprise Has:

  • A clear understanding of who they are and what their brand stands for
  • The perception their customers hold about their brand and what they value about the brand
  • Indicators for process improvements
  • A stronger sense of their competitors and the value they hold in the industry
  • A strategic path for specific marketing initiatives that will help the business stay relevant to their customers and ahead of their competition

CreativeWorks Marketing was awarded the Hermes Award for Marketing Research and Strategy in 2015.