Market Research

Market research helps you sell your services or products by giving you a clear understanding of what your customers want, need, and how they value your business.

At CreativeWorks, we know the more you know about your consumer and your role in their buying decisions, the better able you are to create marketing strategies tailored to your audience.

With two decades of market research expertise and certified researchers, our team helps companies understand their customers and competitors, using innovative, custom research methods including online focus groups, qualitative and quantitative research.

Customer Analysis

Gauge your performance in meeting customers’ expectations—know what is and isn’t working:

  • Identify your target audience.
  • Define your brand value and consumer benefit.
  • Understand your consumer and their buying habits and behaviors.
  • Understand your customers’ experiences.
Competitive Analysis

Gain insight into your competitors with our in-depth (online and offline) analysis:

  • Understand their strengths and weaknesses to set the stage for creating your unique selling proposition.
  • Obtain 3rd-party assessments of competitor websites, online marketing, brand messaging, business practices, and channels of communication.
Identify Risks and Opportunities

Gain insight into preconceived and trending attitudes surrounding your idea when launching a new service:

  • Evaluate the potential for a new idea, but also identify the areas where a marketing message needs to honed.
  • Minimize risk by helping shape a new product or service, identifying what is needed and ensuring that the development of a new product is highly focused towards demand.

It’s time you know why your customers choose you!

Know your unique “wow factor” and get market research working for you today!

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