CreativeWorks Marketing is focused on helping companies better understand their customers, and how they value your services by delivering unique, award-winning market research and strategic marketing solutions.


Our strategy revolves around a trusted 5-step process:

Step One

Market Research

Our marketing works because it is rooted in research. To sell your products or services, you need to understand your customers’ wants and needs, and the value they are looking for in your business. With decades of market research expertise, our team helps companies understand their customers as well as their competitors using innovative, custom research methods. It’s time to learn why your customers choose you.

Step Two


We ask the critical questions that will uncover what strategy is the right fit for your business. Ask yourself: “what does my business need?” A stronger brand? More website traffic? Whatever it is that your business needs, we start by executing a competitive analysis on your competition to learn more about the state of the industry, standards, and innovation. We’ll determine who your audience is, why they should do business with you, how you should market to them, and how to measure the results of your efforts.  Where do you want to go and how can we get you there?

Step Three


With several branding awards to our name, we create brands with a clear branding story and visual identity that is rooted in market research. We do our homework on your customers to ensure that your company branding is in line with the brand values of your audience. We create brands that truly differentiate you from your competition, so your audience both understands who you are and why you are different from the rest. A strong brand equals strong results. What do you want your story to be?

Step Four

Development & Implementation

We have a firm grasp of the different mediums and points of contact for your target audience. We use this knowledge to achieve the goals of your brand, ensuring integration across each platform. With our expertise we identify your target audience and develop tailored messaging that speaks to them. We also develop timelines with projected outcomes and measure results to ensure your brand is performing as it should be. Let us realize your goals.

Step Five


When a strategy has been implemented, everything about it is tracked diligently to ensure quantifiable results. With a precise and measured approach to marketing, good results are ensured again and again. We lay out a set of marketing objectives and we prove we can achieve and exceed them through measurement. Call upon us, and we will keep you competitive. What do you want the numbers to say about you?