CreativeWorks Marketing is focused on helping companies better understand their customers and how they value your services by delivering unique, award-winning market research and strategic marketing solutions.

Our strategy revolves around a trusted 5-step process:

Our process
Our process
Our process
Our process
Our process

Are You a College Looking to Increase Student Success and Retention?

We have developed an interactive tool to assess students in four key areas to ensure their success and to facilitate communication between them and your student services.

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of Canadians use ratings websites before purchasing.


regularly share reviews on social media.


of B2B buying decisions are made before speaking to a sales rep.


of time online is spent on mobile devices.

Big Changes in Canadian Online Business

The digital age is changing your customers’ behaviour faster than ever. Today, the internet plays a central role in customers’ buying decisions.

  • Fuji Spray

    Thank you CreativeWorks Marketing!  In just a few short months, you have made a tremendous impact on our business brand and growth strategy. You have helped us gain huge recognition at trade shows by helping plan something that we hadn’t even discussed when we first signed on.

    We immediately liked CreativeWorks Marketing’s approach as they put the strategy before the tactics.  We were able to find out through market research exactly what our customers want, how they like to be marketed to and what the value of our brand is to them. Learning this was priceless. We are looking forward to see what they come up with next for our company.

  • Blair Technology Solutions

    Blair Technology Solutions continues to work with CreativeWorks Marketing as their go-to creative agency. Our teams continue to maintain a successful business relationship and develop new and exciting campaigns to boost sales, brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. From our engaging website, videos, animations, print design and online marketing campaigns, CreativeWorks Marketing continues to keep our brand top of mind to the audience we serve.

  • ICP Defense

    Our business has been around for over 33 years and as the new owner, I wanted to make sure our business strategies aligned with our marketing approach. We enlisted the help of CreativeWorks Marketing to help us research our competitors and rebrand our company to create a targeted, unique, and recognizable brand across North America. Their expertise has helped us hone in on exactly what we do best and to align our messaging to the customer needs.  We look forward to seeing the new materials and how implementing them will help us reach our goals.

  • Canadore College

    Our partnership with CreativeWorks Marketing has surpassed the initial expectations we had. From marketing consultation, to online solutions, to video productions, website development, and now event coordinating, the value CreativeWorks brings to our college is immeasurable.

  • Adecco

    My experience with Creativeworks Productions has been amazing so far. There are four words that come to mind when I think of this company: quality, speed, flexibility, and professionalism.

    The quality of the work they did for us is excellent, as you can see from . The projects are also always delivered on time and often ahead of time. I was very impressed by the company’s flexibility, as well, as they always seem willing to go an extra mile in order to meet our exact needs. And, finally, Doug Hohener’s professionalism stands out from the rest. He is one of the most responsible and professional people I have ever worked with. At Adecco, we plan to work with CreativeWorks Productions for many years to come and I definitely recommend them for the multimedia needs of any company.

  • Scotiabank

    I've worked with Doug in various capacities since 2001. He has consistently been very perceptive when proposing and developing custom solutions for a wide range of marketing and communication projects.

    Doug is a highly collaborative professional with flexibility, drive, and great skills. He’s always quick to respond, and we’ve even won awards for engaging and motivating tactics that really hit the mark!